F*** Workaholics!

If you have noticed our corporate culture celebrates the idea of the workaholic. It’s considered as an honor to stay till late evening and take care of the project. But what we fail to learn is that working more doesn’t mean you care more or get more done. It just means you work more. Workaholic […]

9 Habits you need to stop now

If you are an avid self-help reader like I used to be, you might have often come across an idea or list of habits to inject in your daily routine or life to be more productive. The best part of those lists is that they are easy to read and they give you a nice […]

Why i listen to Podcasts?

Many of you, who have played my phone know that i am an avid podcast listener. If you have met me in person, you surely will find a headphone being plugged in my ear- they are solely for podcast.Most of the time, I try to keep myself busy listening to podcast which i take as […]

Being honest is like being virtual- human Google

Most of the organizations try to provide the mediocre services even knowing that they do have competitors who could do better job for their client. When asked why they didn’t recommend competitor’s name for the same, the usual answer is we didn’t want to lose our client and we did it because we cared about […]

Skills> Tips

Because of my profession, usually my inbox is flooded with resumes to correct and people’s question related to how to write a nice resume, how to answer particular interview questions and how to…(add job related question)? Hey people! Why can’t you send me an email asking how am I doing? I even respond to those […]

We need to suck.

We need to suck! Do you have any person whom you admire a lot? What is that you admire about the person so much? Pick up that quality and compare with how they were in the beginning. It’s no doubt; that they weren’t up to today’s level from the very beginning. The progress, which they […]